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IHF has the experience, personnel and resources to provide high quality, award-winning productions from inception to distribution or any increment in between.




We believe in having a well-structured and detailed pre-production for every project. We can cover any need including location scouting, casting, rehearsals, contract preparation, hiring crew, storyboarding, shot listing, script writing, script critique services, securing equipment, breakdowns, budgeting and more.

The better we prepare, the further we bend Murphy’s Law.



Our production team has years of experience bringing ideas to life in efficient, cost effective and imaginative ways. We are as comfortable and inspired producing small scale projects as we are with large scale epics. 

It’s not the size of the budget; it’s how you use it.



Our post-production team will work with you to harvest the magic from within the footage and even provide alternate edit possibilities for you to see. We can also sweeten your sound, color correct your images, provide effects and output it all to a variety of formats.

Story is everything. It’s the cake and the icing.

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